Monday, November 16, 2009

An Important Video Clip about Gun Control

If guns are ever oulawed in this country, then only the outlaws (and government) will have guns. Who knows how many crimes have been prevented because the intended victim was legally carrying a concealed hand gun? We only hear about the successful crimes. Who knows how many victims might have been saved at Columbine High School, and at the Luby's Restaurant massacre in TX , had a trained upstanding-citizen been carrying a concealed hand gun at the time? In a democracy, it's an armed citizenry that discourages tyranny by government and criminals.

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Anonymous said...

While I DO AGREE that having a "REASONABLE" check to purchase a Gun is appropriate... what I (or others) choose to do with it after it's in the Owners possession is their business alone… and certainly NOT any business of the Government! That is unless that person(s) commits a crime using that gun then it becomes incumbent on Local, State and perhaps the Federal Government to confiscate the Gun (depending on the severity of the crime committed). What is “REASONABLE” in my humble opinion… is that you have to be at a minimum a “LEGALIZED” Citizen of the United States and have NO criminal background. How about the Government focus their efforts on collecting the 1000's of weapons that have been stolen and/or brought in illegally... and leave those that do the right thing alone! I can tell you with certainty... that knowing their are weapons in the hands of those that shouldn't have one... I'll do whatever I need to do to protect my family, my home and my rights to own, carry and use a gun! If you don't believe me... just try to take it away from me!


THANKS for the reminder that I need to go and get my "Permit to Carry a Concealed Weapon" before it's too late!

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