Culture War

culture war is being waged in America.  At stake in this war is the Constitutional freedoms of Americans, and the national sovereignty of America.

The outcome of this war will determine whether future generations of Americans will experience the same freedoms, security, and opportunity for prosperity that past generations of Americans have had---or whether they will become sacrificial sheep for the New World Order.
The major forces engaged in this culture war are bolstered by either Leftist political ideology or Conservative political ideology.

Those individuals on The Left are called: Liberals, Socialists, Communists, Marxists, Modernists, Lefties, Pinkos, and “Progressives.” Those on The Right are called: Conservatives, “right-wingers”, traditionalists, nationalists, moralists, and “Tea Partiers.”

The type of statements you'll often hear liberals make:

 Below, Andrew Klavan deftly points-out the hypocrisy of The Left and the Leftist-infected Mass Media---when it comes to their use of the word "HATE."

The clip below takes a look inside the mindset of Liberals:

How indoctrinated LIBERAL IDEOLOGUES (don't) debate political issues; they use echo-chamber rhetoric and ad hominem attacks:

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