--> Immigration policy in America and in The West 

The situation described below MUST BE STOPPED as soon as possible: by Congress legislating a "self-protective" immigration policy---rather than a Politically Correct one---and by refusing to grant "religious protection" to a totalitarian political ideology masquerading as a religion!

BELOW: No matter how much this lavender-sounding, Latino-activist/journalist, Raul A. Reyes, smiles, nods, blinks-and winks---and flirts with the camera---it doesn't make his inane defense of Obama's de facto amnesty any more valid. America doesn't NEED to "deport" the 12-20 million foreign criminals illegally residing in our country.  If illegal aliens could no longer obtain work (e-Verify legislation) or get any free public benefits (such as healthcare and public schooling), they would SELF-DEPORT. If the "birth-right citizenship" clause were interpreted CORRECTLY by a conservative Supreme Court, then the anchor-baby invasion would become a thing of the past.

Below: (if you can get past Frank Sharry's haughty and condescending  manner and his distortions of the truth) you'll hear Kris Kobach expertly discuss how corrupt politicians in several major cities have been illegally (and immorally) implementing official (or unofficial) sanctuary policies---for their own political gain---for decadesSharry's argument (for amnesty) rests on his absurd ipse dixit inference that border-jumping and illegal presence within our country is not a "serious" crime.  Likewise, Sharry speciously stereo-types all illegal aliens as being either a housekeeper or a busboy:

 Immigration and Multiculturalism policies in Europe, and their parallels in the United States:

Below: Brown Beret IDIOTA below doesn't realize that "Mexicans" are the result of "white" Europeans having mated with Native tribes in Mexico--hundreds of years ago. And apparently she doesn't know that Arizona was purchased from the Mexican government over 150 yrs ago.

Who sounds more racist to you?: someone who simply wants America's immigration laws enforced, or someone who keeps yelling for "whites" to go back to Europe---because they don't "belong" here?