Friday, November 27, 2009

Word-Games Used by the Left in the Amnesty Debate

The use of word-games is one of the hallmark tactics of Marxist and liberal demogogues. Typically, they accomplish this by distorting the established meaning of a common word or phrase, and by replacing definitive phrases with ambiguous wording.

Right now, a crucial political debate is raging in America about the enforcement of our existing immigration laws. Below are some common word-game examples employed by "progressive" politicians, leftist bloggers, and the liberal-dominated mass media that you should be aware of:

the use of the word Americans

When using the word "Americans", liberals often distort the meaning of the word to include anyone living within the geographical borders of the United States---regardless of their citizenship or legal status. When conservatives use this word, they are specifically referring to American citizens. In America, de facto residency should never be confused with citizenship; just as citizenship is not synonymous with patriotism.

the use of the word Immigrants

Liberals and pro-Amnesty "progressives" like to refer to everyone residing in this country---who was not born here---as an "immigrant." They intentionally use this word by itself, in order to be vague. Conservatives use meaningful modifiers---like "legal", "illegal", and "non"---to specify very important distinctions about the "immigrants" they are talking about. Despite what liberals and the mass media like to claim, patriotic Americans are not "anti-immigrant": Patriots are opposed to another amnesty program that would allow millions of illegal immigrants to remain living here; and they are against illegal immigrants receiving privileges and tax-funded benefits intended for American citizens and legal immigrants.

the use of the word Racist

Another ubiquitous word employed by Left is "racist." Lefties and "progressives" love to use this word to demonize anyone who is opposed to the granting of another amnesty---or legal residency---to the illegal aliens residing in this country. Radical liberals even refer to America's immigration laws as "racist." America's laws concerning illegal immigration are not discriminatory against any race: the laws apply equally to every race or nationality. The fact that the overwhelming majority of illegal aliens living within our borders are "hispanic" simply has to do with geographic proximity, and a previously lax enforcement of immigration law.

the use of the word Xenophobe

"Xenophobe" (like the misuse of the word homophobe) is another favorite "attack" word used by the Left in their political rhetoric. Lefties use this word to imply that anyone who opposes illegal immigration---and wants our immigration laws enforced----simply has an irrational fear/hatred of strangers (foreigners). This red herring device is used by the "open-borders" crowd to "dismiss" their detractors' opinions as simply being based in "irrational fear", and therefore not worth considering.

use of the phrase Comprehensive Immigration Reform

One of the latest word-game phrases used by leftists and "progressive" politicians is "comprehensive immigration reform." When used by these people, the phrase actually means "how can we give legal residency status to millions of illegal aliens, without making it appear to be just another amnesty?"

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