Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Public Defunding of ACORN is Patriotic AND Constitutional

What once began as a non-profit association of local community organizations---intended to assist the unfortunate and poor among us---has become a nationwide organization of criminal activity, political money-laundering, and voter registration fraud.

Not only is it in the best interest of America---and its taxpaying citizens---to federally defund such a criminally (and politically) corrupt organization as ACORN, it is also Constitutional for Congress to do so....despite the Congressional Research Service's (politically-influenced) report claiming that a "court may have a sufficient basis to overcome the presumption of constitutionality, and find that [the Defund ACORN Act] violates the prohibition against bills of attainder."

Below is a link to a much better researched analysis of the absolute Constitutionality of such an Act.

from: The Heritage Foundation
Defunding ACORN: Necessary and Proper, and Certainly Constitutional
by Hans A. von Spakovsky
WebMemo #2630 -September 25, 2009

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Mari said...

Agree! Great post and great link!