Saturday, March 13, 2010

Exercising the 10th Amendment could stop ObamaCare

State's Rights could trump ObamaCare
Posted by Michael Laprarie
Published: March 13, 2010 - 9:58 AM

Earlier this week, the Oklahoma House of Representatives passed House Joint Resolution 1054, by Reps. Mike Ritze and Mike Reynolds, tentatively titled the "Freedom of Healthcare Choice Act."
Sadly we live in an era where proponents of an increasingly powerful Federal government have largely succeeded in turning the phrase "state's rights" into a euphemism for "racism." Because big government liberals portray themselves as the champions of progress and justice, they always view any attempt to oppose bigger government as a de facto defense of greed, injustice, and white power.

Of course any mandate by the Federal government that would force citizens to buy anything under penalty of law is simply outrageous, and deserves to be challenged on the merits of individual freedom alone. However, we should expect proponents of a Federal health care mandate to once again characterize exemption amendments by individual states as "racism," most probably by resorting to their standard "women, minorities hardest hit" argument.

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