Thursday, December 8, 2011

Email Newt and Tell Him to Scrap his Amnesty Plan

Newt's Amnesty Plan

This should be distressing to all conservatives and American patriots:
"...Unless Gingrich supporters push him to back off, he is promising a bigger amnesty than the giant blanket amnesty of 1986 that was supposed to be the first and last one ever.
Hopefully, his supporters can talk him into cutting out at least 90% of his amnesty.
We have no way to set up faxing to candidate Gingrich, but you can send an email to him at: Click on the "Platform" option and let him know what you want him to change and how you feel about his immigration platform..."
What kind of a message does it send to those people in our country who have jumped through all the bureaucratic hoops to LEGALLY enter and remain in America if the Feds grant another blanket amnesty to the millions of foreign criminals who have ignored and disrespected our immigration laws?  Do you think another blanket amnesty would discourage---or encourage---more illegal immigration?

What is Newt thinking?

Beware of Bogus Polls that indicate a mjority of Americans favor Amnesty:
"...The pollsters have a single "Big Trick" that skews all the results:

The polls don't give voters the option of Attrition Through Enforcement.

Instead, they make voters basically choose between mass deportations or mass legalizations. In the case of a National Journal poll just released, voters were given a third choice of half-mass deportations and half-mass legalizations (which is essentially the Gingrich Amnesty).

But nowhere do voters hear that there is an Attrition Through Enforcement option that doesn't involve mass deportations or mass legalizations..."
It looks as though Newt Gingrich has a very good chance of getting the Republican nomination. Let him know that he needs to change his current stand on immigration policy.  Tell your current elected officials that Amnesty is NOT the solution to illegal immigration: Attrition through Enforcement is.

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