Monday, January 16, 2012

Is it "Islamophobia"...or rational and reasonable "concern"?

The word (and suffix) "phobia" was originally used by psychologists to denote "an irrational fear" of some object, substance, animal, situation, person(s), or place...etc. The key word in that definition was "irrational": meaning a lack of rational or reasonable basis for the fear.  However, from the psychologist's point of view, it is still very reasonable and rational to experience fear---or to be concerned with---certain "things", people, or situations that are dangerous (i.e. pose a threat to life, limb, family, or property): it simply means your instinctual drive for self-survival (or "genetic survival") is engaged with your intellect. 

Over the last few decades, however, usage of the suffix "phobia" was appropriated and distorted by political activists to mean: " irrational fear and/or hostility, prejudice, or hatred of." The intended meaning of any word created with the suffix "phobia" is now rather fuzzy; hostility is not the same as fear; prejudice is not the same as hatred; cognition is not the same as action.

In the public arena, usage of the term "Islamophobia" is very much in vogue these days . So, let's take an objective look at the veracity of the term---as it is often used by "Progressives" and Islamists today: in reference to criticizisms of the ideology of Islam or the spread of Islam throughout the world.  Is it now irrational to question or opine

Or conversely, is it actually reasonable and rational for non-Muslims to have---and express---some concerns about the ideology of "Islam"?  Is it reasonable and rational for them to have concerns about the Islamic mandate to spread Islam? And most importantly, does the fundamental ideology of Islam---including its self-mandated Expansion---pose a danger or threat to the life, limb, family members, or prosperity of non-Muslims?

Below are 2 video clips currently posted on youTube (although they may get yanked) that were made by Muslims FOR Muslims. [Unfortunately, the first one is in Arabic, so we must trust that the on-screen translation is accurate. The second one, however, is in English, and was made for English-speaking Muslims living in the UK and the USA.]

Many "Westerners" are completely unconcerned about the underlying ideology of Islam, or about the IMPORTATION of Islamism through immigration policy. What they NEED to know is that ISLAM is very concerned with THEM.

If you are a non-Muslim (infidel), get EDUCATED about YOUR ASSIGNED ROLE as a dhimmi under the ideology of Islam, and THEN decide if it is reasonable and rational for YOU to have concerns---and do something about those concerns; even if you are then IRRATIONALLY labeled an Islamophobe.

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