Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ron Paul discusses foreign policy with Iranian state TV

I find it interesting that the narrator refers to him as "Doctor Paul" in her comments.  As I recall, the incident the interviewer is asking him about in this clip was after Israel got tired of having rockets fired at them from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, and their military stepped-in to put an end to it. Inasmuch as I personally don't know everyone in the world, I don't know if there was "global outrage" over Israel's actions, as the narrator "suggests."  I imagine there was "expressed outrage" by the usual suspects.

Maybe Congressman Paul and I just don't see eye-to-eye on the concept of "allies."  I always thought the whole idea of being "allies" with another country meant that you "backed each other up" if you were ever attacked or threatened by hostile forces?  Maybe it's just the Jewish State of Israel that Ron Paul doesn't want America to continue being "allies" with.  (Naw...that would mean he was an anti-semite.)  Actually, Ron Paul believes that MOST ALL conflicts throughout the world are "none of our business."
Ron Paul's ideological policy of non-interventionism in foreign affairs sometimes seems akin to not getting "involved" in preventing a rape in progress in a nearby alleyway unless the victim happens to be your mother, wife, or daughter.  And even then, you should first try using diplomacy with the rapist---before you pull out your gun.

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