Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hating the "Happy Warrior": a hobby for Leftists

KUDOS to all those courageous Americans who speak truth to power, and are excoriated by Leftist loons---and the Left-controlled mass media---for daring to speak it.  Andrew Breitbart was HATED by Progressive lemmings, by radical socialists (commies), by poverty pimps, and by the corrupt Liberal mass media he exposed.  The Happy Warrior will be sorely missed, and America owes a great debt to this patriot---for exposing the corruption and deception that he did, in his short 43 years: despite all the hateful personal attacks and death threats by the "tolerant" Left. He is gone now, but because of his courage and patriotism, a thousand new flowers will bloom in each of his footsteps; and they will carry-on his work.

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