Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Former East German describes where America is headed

When I was a young, clueless, anti-establishment type in the early 70s, I had a flirtatious infatuation with marxist theory; it sounded like a "fair" and viable socio-political economic system for a large agrarian-based population.

Then, I learned that in any "real world" situation involving human nature, there is often a big difference between something sounding good in "theory" and how it works in "practice."  Free-market capitalism isn't "perfect"---because it involves "imperfect" people.  But it works a helluva a lot better than any other political economic system: to create the greatest amount of prosperity for the greatest number of people, with the greatest amount of freedom.

Would someone please inform our President that history has proven that government-delivered socialism and the nationalization of industries and resources DOESN'T WORK!

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