Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Global Environmentalism is the new World Socialism

In response to the UN's quixotic quest to "prevent" the world's climate from changing, a new economic study from the UK indicates that it would be 5 times cheaper to simply control the reproductive behaviors of humans---through contraceptives---than it would be to implement "green" solutions.

However, neither Al Gore nor George Soros could make much money from such a simple solution. Therefore, the subject will be "off the table" at the "spread-the-wealth-and-save-the-planet" Climate Treaty Summit in Copenhagen.

"A study by the London School of Economics found contraception is almost five times cheaper as a means of preventing climate change than conventional green solutions such as investing in green technology.

Medical journal the Lancet also found greater use of contraceptives to reduce the global impact of climate change.

However this is hugely controversial, not least with religious groups who see it as a Government push to control individual fertility.

The UN has insisted the issue does not become part of the negotiations at Copenhagen, pointing out that the population will control itself as countries develop, women become better educated, and families shrink."

(I don't quite understand the logic of that conclusion; but then again, the idea that man is responsible for the naturally-occuring changes in the world's climate is not logical, either.)


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