Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Children of the ObamACORN

(an hommage---of sorts---to Stephen King's Children of the Corn)

photoshop by Leo Alberti
Following the 2008 election, I was somewhat shocked to learn that such a large majority of voters between the ages of 18-30 had voted for Barack Obama, who was obviously a radical "progressive." At first, I simply wrote it off to the utopian idealism and rebelliousness of youth and to their lack of personal experience in how the world actually works.

But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that there had also been a more sinister force at work in the 2008 Elections: our tax-funded public school system.

For several decades, "liberal" educators in our public schools---using "politically-correct" text books---have been subtly indoctrinating our children's minds into accepting un-American, progressive" ideologies.

Instead of our public school teachers instructing our youth in the failures of Communism and Socialism---in other countries---and how to become patriotic Americans with American cultural pride, they had been (and still are) "schooling" our children in "progressive" ideologies: global citizenship, multiculturalism, secular humanism, "political correctness", environmental activism, and cultural relativism.

Pew Research offered this explanation of the voting action of 18-30 yr olds in 2008:
"Young voters are more diverse racially and ethnically than older voters and more secular in their religious orientation. These characteristics, as well as the climate in which they have come of age politically, incline them not only toward Democratic Party affiliation but also toward greater support of activist government, greater opposition to the war in Iraq, less social conservatism, and a greater willingness to describe themselves as liberal politically."

But the Pew Research Center didn't offer any explanation as to how our younger voters had become that way. Their research didn't explain the underlying cause of our younger generation choosing a candidate who had demonized capitalism, patriotism---and American Exceptionalism---in his campaign speeches; a candidate who was promising even more governmental control over personal freedoms; a candidate who was proposing massive government spending that would not benefit the majority of Americans or insure the economic future of America.

It didn't explain how our nation's youth had become the Children of the ObamaCorn---and the unwitting footsoldiers for the New World Order in America.

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