Monday, December 14, 2009

Who'd a Thunk It? The SUN?!

Copenhagen climate conference: sunspot theory for global warming attacked
By John Bingham

"The theory that signs of global warming could be the result of sunspots rather than carbon dioxide emissions caused by humans has come under attack from climate scientists. [...]"

(Who'd a thunk it? Scientists claiming that variable solar activity might cause temperature variations on our planet? What rubbish!)

Fortunately, environmental and climatology scientists---whose livelihoods depend on research-funding from government agencies, international NGOs, enviromaniac organizations, and green technology developers---are decrying the notion that variable solar activity might affect temperatures on our planet. If that scenario were the case, then there would be very little that the planet's governing body---the UN---could do to remedy that. The sun is beyond their jurisdictional reach.

Thank heavens we know that global temperature variations (both increases and decreases) are simply caused by anthropogenic global warming, from mankind's CO2 emissions: The UN can do something about that...and Save the Planet!

After all, if solar activity and surface-reflected radiation were mainly responsible for climate changes---rather than industrialized-Man---it wouldn't make much sense to demonize economically-developed nations for generating more than their "fair" share of carbon dioxide, or force them to give billions of dollars to developing nations: that would simply amount to global socialism.

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