Monday, February 15, 2010

Martin Luther and the IPCC

"Sometimes the cure turns-out to be much worse than the disease." Never is that more true than when there isn't even a disease:

Famous Global Warming “Scientist” NOW Admits There is No Global Warming.

So, if mankind is not causing any significant "global warming"---and since CO2 plays no significant role in warming the atmosphere, anyway (especially compared to water vapor)---then why are people still concerning themselves with "carbon footprints" (which are based on CO2 "equivalency"), and why are governments still proposing regulation and taxation on CO2 emissions?

And why is CO2 still being vilified?

Through the process of photosynthesis, plants use water, light---and CO2---to create food energy for growth. Humans and other animals then eat these plants, convert the stored energy, and breathe out carbon-dioxide---which new plants then use to create food energy for their growth. CO2 is a big part of The Circle of Life.

In their quixotic jihad against "man-made" climate change, radical envirotarians have declared man's release of CO2 into the atmosphere to be a transgression against Mother Earth: Therefore, humans---who are guilty of unleashing CO2 emissions through their activities---must seek absolution by paying penance. This penance-paying scheme is called "carbon offsetting"---which generates billions of dollars on a worldwide scale.

"Why is CO2 still being vilified?": Because, if CO2 emission was not considered a sin, there would be no need for "absolution"---or any need to purchase indulgences through Kyoto-sanctioned carbon trading markets.

The world needs another Martin Luther to nail some Theses on the UN's door.

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Dean said...

Maybe its a good way of killing off a large % of the worlds population?
Have a look at these 2 links.

They're not listening...welcome to the Soviet Europe