Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Racial Profiling"...or Effective Enforcement Consideration?

Why are the raucous protestors of the new AZ state law condemning it as a gateway to "racial profiling" and an infringement on "civil rights"?

I've read the entire legislation and found nothing in it that directs law enforcement and government agencies to apply the new AZ law against any particular race---or to exempt any particular race(s) from application of the law.
So why are opponents belligerently claiming that this new legislation "opens the door to racial profiling" in Arizona? If the law does not specify a particular "race" to enforce the law upon, why would "hispanic" Americans be concerned?

To anyone familar with the illegal immigration problem in America, the answer is obvious.

The opponents of this law, who cry "racial profiling" the loudest, rarely admit "why" race would be a logical consideration in the enforcement of the law. They only complain that "hispanic" people will now be "unfairly" singled-out and "harrassed" by law enforcement officers.

But if the law itself does not allow for discriminatory enforcement, why would "racial" profiling even be a concern for hispanic citizens?

The usually "unspoken" fact is that around 80% of all the illegal aliens in this country are "Hispanics"---from the countries of Mexico, Central America, and South America. That means that 4 out 5 illegal aliens in this country have certain ethnic, cultural---and "racial"---characteristics in common.

Due to Arizona's geographic proximity to Mexico, I surmise that the percentage of illegal aliens in their state who are "hispanic" is probably even greater than 80%, but that's purely speculation.

Does that then mean that 4 out of 5 hispanics in Arizona are illegal aliens? Of course, not. Many police officers and elected government officials are citizens of hispanic descent. However, there is other important demographic information about Arizona that should also be looked at.

It is estimated that there are about 460,000 illegal aliens living in Arizona. This would amount to about 7.5% of the state's total 2009 population (6,595,778). Additionally, according to the 2005-2007 American Community Survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau, "Hispanics and Latinos (of any race) make up 29.0% of Arizona's population."

I don't know if "hispanic" illegal aliens were included in the AZ count of "Hispanics and Latinos", but 29% of the total AZ population---6,595,778---equals 1,912,776 "hispanics." If illegal aliens were included in that "Hispanic and Latino" population count, then that would mean that 24% of the total Hispanic population in Arizona is living there illegally: 460,000/1,912,776 = 24%.

That's almost 1 in 4: Nearly one in four hispanics in AZ are living there illegally!

If hispanic illegal aliens were not included in that US Census Bureau demographic study, then "only" 19% of the "Hispanic and Latino" population in Arizona are there illegally: 460,000+1,912,776 = 2,372,776; 460,000/2,372,776 = 19%

That's "only" 1 in 5.

The vast, overwhelming majority of people in our country who are breaking Federal Immigration law---and therefore the new corresponding law in Arizona---are "hispanic." Are any of the demonstrators disputing that fact? Why isn't network news "asking" protestors about that fact? They are only reporting that "hispanics" in Arizona may "unfairly" fall under suspicion of being in the country illegally "now" ---simply because they are "hispanic."

It seems rather "reasonable" to me to have a certain level of suspicion about the legal status of at least 1 out of every 5 hispanic individuals in Arizona---since at least 19% of all hispanics in Arizona are there illegally.

But, all these noisy demonstrations against the pending AZ law are not REALLY about "racial profiling" or "imagined" violations of civil rights, anyway. They are actually a protest against the fact that America has the sovereign right to determine who can cross-over the recognized borders of our country, and who must leave once they've crossed over those borders. And the protestors don't like that fact.

When 80% of the individuals who are violating our immigration laws are indeed "hispanic"---and are therefore subject to deportation---it would appear that the loudest opponents to immigration "enforcement" in this country are the actual "racists" in this debate....spurred-on by the liberal politicians that promulgate racial-identity politics.

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