Sunday, April 18, 2010

Understanding the Language of the Left: a short glossary

While browsing through some liberal and "progressive" websites, I realized that Lefties use common words in uncommon ways. So, I developed this short glossary to indicate what Lefties are actually saying when they use certain common terms:

Bigot: anyone who has different beliefs than a Liberal has

Racist: any white person---or Conservative---that disagrees with Liberal policies

Immigrant: any foreigner who has crossed America's border to take-up residency

Migrant: a foreigner who has the "human right" to live wherever they want---even if it's on your land

Xenophobe: a term for anyone who wants America's existing immigration laws enforced

Imperialist: someone who invests capital resources in a foreign country, and provides employment for the locals

worker exploitation: an economic system whereby someone makes profit from providing employment

corporate America: any business enterprise, including self-employment, that makes profit

victimization: the reason someone else has more than you do---especially if he/she is a "racist"

economic justice: the forced transfer of income and property from those that have some, to those that don't have any, or as much

social justice: institutionalized revenge for real or imagined victimization from several generations ago

hate speech: when someone praises the Constitution, or speaks-out against Liberals and their policies

right-wing smear tactic: when conservatives expose the truth about a Liberal or his/her agenda

ad hominem attack: what to do when you can't logically argue against a Conservative's stance on an issue


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! Bingo. - SDB

Kyle P said...

Additions maybe:
Equality - which means equality of outcome regardless of merit, not equality of opportunity.
Freedom - Meaning freedom from want everything should be provided by the government.