Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Marriage of Marxism and Militant Mexican-Americanism

When American communists interview comrades in the struggle, they use a language all their own:

excerpts from:
March for legalization and equality on May 1
Interview with Carlos Montes
Interview by Staff
April 11, 2010

Fight Back! interviewed Carlos Montes, a veteran of the Chicano liberation struggle and a leader of the immigrant rights movement.

Fight Back!: Why are the May Day protests so important this year?

Carlos Montes: This May Day is important because it will bring out hundreds of thousands of Mexican and Central American immigrants to say no to ICE repression and to demand equality. May Day will be a show of force. It will demonstrate the power of the Mexican/Latino working class and solidarity with our sisters and brothers in the home country. The May Day events will show that the millions of undocumented are clear in the demand for full legalization - for all - right now. We demand that immigration legislation be presented and passed this year.

The May 1 marches and rallies will send a clear message to the Department of Homeland Security that we condemn the continued deportations and demand an end to ICE raids, detentions and deportations.

So, let me get this straight: On May 1st, "hundreds of thousands" of illegal aliens and their supporters will be marching and protesting and demanding that "they" get "full legalization" rights, simply because---so far---they've managed to avoid detection, arrest, and deportation by law enforcement?!

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