Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Attacks Against Arizona are an Attack on America

Despite what is being said publicly, the recent nationwide protests and violent demonstrations against "AZ's racist legislation" are not REALLY about Arizona's "new" law (a state law that basically just reflects Federal immigration law, and allows and directs local law agencies to arrest illegal aliens). In reality, these protests and demonstrations are an assault against America's immigration laws.

The protests are a condemnation of the fact that the United States of America is a sovereign nation that has the legitimate right to defend its recognized borders and lawfully determine who may enter the country---and who must leave once they've entered. Such laws are nothing "new" or unique to America; all sovereign nations have immigration laws.

Just because someone from another country WANTS to enter America---or wants to live here---does not mean they have a "fundamental right" to do so. If they enter America's borders without government permission, or if they overstay their temporary permission, they are not "immigrants"---they are foreign invaders.

Throughout history, all invaders entered a country to "make a better life for themselves and their families"---or to destroy the established culture of a country.

If a stranger wants to enter your home---or live on your property---does that mean that he or she has some "human right" to do that? Would you refer to someone who has broken into your house as simply an "undocumented" guest or an "undocumented" resident?

Yet, the liberal media, the neo-marxists, the reconquistadors, and liberal politicians trading on racial-identity politics, all love to use euphemisms like "migrants" and "immigrants" and "undocumenteds" to describe those foreigners who have invaded our borders or have over-stayed their temporary permission to live here. By using such euphemisms, open-borders "progressives" blur the actual issues, and then demonize anyone who wants America's borders defended---and our immigration laws enforced---as being anti-"immigrant." Then, it's just a small step to calling them "racists" and "xenophobes."

America is (or at least was) a nation of assimilated immigrants.

America was not intended to be a nation of unassimilated minority "communities" clinging to their ethnicity and trying to impose their cultural view upon the rest of American society. However, due to massive illegal immigration from Mexico and Central America we now have the sort of ethnic-based, La Raza "mentality" that is spurring-on these demonstrations against Arizona's enforcement of American immigration laws.

The demonstrations against Arizonans enforcing American immigration law---within their state---is actually a larger protest against America still enforcing immigration laws; which amounts to a protest against American sovereignty, itself.

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