Thursday, July 1, 2010

Obama speaks about creating a Pathway for new Democrats

Barack H. Obama is arguably one of the best there is at delivering well-crafted, political speeches. His oratory skills can often lead the unwary to believe that he may actually be speaking the truth, that his policies may have the nation's best interests at heart, and that his solutions to America's problems are feasible, moral, and patriotic.

Fortunately, after the last 18 months, most Americans now know better.

However, it sometimes requires a closer look at the transcript of his speech to fully appreciate how skillfully his speechwriters' well-crafted verbiage diverts attention from the logical and ideological fallacies that are used to support Obama's proposed policies.

The same was true with his recent speech to promote Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

To keep the listener off balance, this speech often juxtaposed fact with fiction within one paragraph---or even within one sentence---and then would quickly shift focus to a series of platitudes or anecdotes.

To support Obama's contention that Arizona "acted stupidly" in taking immigration enforcement matters into its own hands---and their law had the "potential" to abuse civil rights---his speech used "facts not in evidence"; and then he boldly asserted that SB 1070 wouldn't "work", anyway. Instead, he said, America needed "one clear national standard" for immigration "rules." (I thought we already had one)

Then, using convoluted logic based on false premises and false dilemmas, his speech proclaimed that the ONLY alternative to rounding-up and deporting 11 million illegal aliens was the creation of "a pathway for legal status that is fair, reflective of our values, and works." Besides creating a false dilemma, his speech ignored the fact that the vast majority of American citizens---and legal immigrants---do not want the American government to grant another blanket amnesty to illegal aliens.

Overall, it was a speech that was long on glorifying immigration and "immigrants"---in general---and very short on mentioning the destructive consequences of illegal immigration, or the detrimental effects of the last massive amnesty that was granted to millions of illegal aliens: like this latest political push for another blanket amnesty by their offspring.

However, for Obama and the Democrats, there is much more at stake in granting amnesty.

Statistically, foreign-born (naturalized) Hispanic voters are 50% more likely to register as Democrats than native-born Hispanic voters; and Hispanic immigrants (especially those who entered the country illegally) tend to have lower education and job skills than other immigrants---and those characteristics affect party registration in a Democrat direction. For that reason, former illegal immigrants from Mexico who get "legalized" through an a blanket amnesty will tend to register and vote Democratic.

Obama's speech didn't happen to mention any of that.

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