Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Guide to Destroying America through the Democratic Process

1. Oppose any legislation that would require voters to provide proof of identification at polling places. Claim that it would discriminate against the "disenfrachised": minorities, immigrants, students, women, the poor, and the elderly.

2. Give speeches decrying "low voter turnout" at elections, and introduce methods to facilitate greater "civic involvement" in the "democratic process." Institute mail-in ballots, motor-voter laws, publicly-funded voter registration drives---and Universal Voter Registration.

3. Perpetually promote ethnic-based "identity"---and "cultural retentionism"---rather than cultural assimilation. Claim that "diversity" and multiculturalism are desireable goals for a society. Employ the word "community" to describe everyone that shares a common ethnic ancestry. Then claim that the entire "community" is being "oppressed" by the "white majority"---because of their ethnicity; this will create a greater sense of "shared vicimization"---and "ethnic solidarity"---that can be more easily manipulated by a politician.

4. Deceptively use the term "immigrant"---without any differentiation---to refer to every non-citizen that is living in America. In similar fashion, use the blanket term "residents" to refer to everyone living in the area---regardless of their immigration or citizenship status---when speaking about local political issues.

5. Give speeches about why "immigrants" (see #3) should be granted the right to vote in "local" elections---such as school board and municipal elections. Create a sense of "legitimacy" for the proposal by giving historical---and current---examples of individual States and municipalities that have granted voting rights to "immigrants" in local elections.

6. Create a nebulous concept of "immigrant (see #3) rights." Promote the idea in conjunction with the term "human rights": people will begin to believe that "illegal immigration" to America is a "human right" that subordinates immigration laws. In order to gain political support from marxists---and labor unions---promote "immigrant rights" as a struggle for universal "worker rights."

7. Promote the idea that a blanket amnesty should be granted to long-time, "hard-working", illegal "immigrants" who have "built their lives here"---and who were simply acting on a fundamental "human right" to migrate to a "better" place to raise their families. Sprinkle your speeches with phrases like "America is a nation of immigrants", "they're only doing the jobs Americans won't do", "we have a moral obligation", and the phrase "family unity."

8. Repeat Step #5---in concert with Step #2---until formerly-illegal "immigrants" are routinely voting in all local elections in every State. Oppose any political movement seeking to have the Supreme Court correct the long-misinterpreted "14th Amendment" right of "anchor-baby" citizenship.

9. Repeat Steps 6 through 8 "as necessary" until un-assimilated, "foreign-born" voters and their children outnumber multi-generational-American voters.

10. Elect "progressive" candidates that continue to promote multiculturalism, redistribution of wealth, open-border policies, and global socialism.

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