Monday, August 2, 2010

Excerpts from The Handbook of Liberal Logic

"The fabric of American society is actually made stronger by "progressive" public policies that encourage retention of ethnic-identity---and provide for public accommodation of diverse subcultures---than by traditional "melting pot" policies that encourage enculturation and assimilation."

"If someone's idea of "legal marriage" is confined to the union of one man to one woman---and they oppose any legal re-definition---then that person is either a homophobe or a religious bigot. Everyone has a human right to marry whomever they choose."

"It is far better to permit hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens to move freely about in AZ than to allow the possibility that even one hispanic citizen or legal immigrant might erroneously be asked to show ID."

"AZ SB-1070 is merely an attempt by white Republicans to legalize racism in Arizona. The same tactic was attempted in California in 1994 with Prop 187."

"The right to be openly gay while serving in the military overides any consideration for unit cohesion and effectiveness."

"If America ends its alliance with Israel---and we stop fighting Islamic terrorist groups abroad---then jihadists will no longer have any reason to attack us."

"The passage of any new law that restricts everyone's liberty is "worthwhile"---and "justifiable"---if the new law could possibly save just one person's life."

"Only white people can be racist, because only "white people" have the power to be racist."

"There is an entire spectrum of human gender between male and female. Transgenderists simply want to exercise their basic human right to imagine a sexual "self-identity" that's different than their actual biological gender, and to be able to act it out in public."

"Morality is simply a tool of right-wing oppression. There is no such thing as right or wrong."

"If someone opposes government-controlled, universal health care, then they must be a racist."

"Wealthier people should pay a higher percentage of their income in taxes than everyone else because they can more easily afford to pay taxes, and because they benefit more from public spending than anyone else. Besides, in order for "the rich" to have accumulated their wealth, somebody---"somewhere"---had to have been "exploited" (at some time).

"If we outlaw handgun ownership, there will be a lot less crime, and people will stop killing one other."

"National borders are simply artificial lines on a map: They were created by the global capitalist-elites---who control all governments---in order to suppress solidarity and unionization of the working masses of the world."

"Socialism simply means that "the Government" acts on its duty to take care of everyone---and to make us all more equal. It's the cornerstone of bringing about social justice in America."

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